Seven Muses

Seven Muses


 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson, TX, 75082

The City of Richardson and supporters of the Charles W. Eisemann Center celebrated the completion and unveiling of the lightpainting “Seven Muses” by internationally renowned artist Stephen Knapp in April 2006. The commission of the lightpainting was made possible by a gift to the City from Jim and Gayla Von Ehr of Richardson. The lightpainting lends a sense of magic and beauty to the soaring space of the Leftwich Grand Foyer which is enjoyed by all the patrons attending performances and events of all kinds at the Eisemann Center. During daylight, the work’s colors appear pale, they hint at “promise.” At night, when the ambient light is minimal, the work’s bright, intense colors suggest “fulfillment.” On a dark day, the colors jump out with more life; the inherent kinetics of the piece act as a mirror to possibilities and inspiration.

In an interview with Adrienne Garnett in Art of the Times, Knapp, when asked about “Seven Muses” said, “I want people to see and feel the energy that is emanating from the center of it. I want people to see the subtleties, not just the bright colors that are associated with my work. A lot of time is dedicated to making this about discovering extraordinary possibilities with light.”

Date created: April 2006

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